Titlu film: The Perfect Match (2016)

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The Perfect Match (2016)

Call me nuts all you want but I am living this exact same situation in my present life and this movie opened my eyes a LOT and it is basically telling me to not look for this guy because he will come to me when he’s ready for me. In the meantime… here I am…watching more movies and reviewing them. If only I could get paid for it. I loved the cast, the script, the flow but most importantly, the Queen herself was involved in it. QL can do NO wrong in my eyes. If it wasn’t because I stayed at a hotel last week, I wouldn’t have seen it. I thank the radio station that drove me to that hotel that night and led me to a very comfy room to rest and watch movies. My favorite thing to do aside from listening to music.

The Perfect Match (2016)
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