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Norbit (2007)

Having seen many of the negative comments, it seems that people have either not actually seen the film, or just don’t appreciate Eddie Murphy’s humour.

I’m a big fan of Eddie Murphy, but I only give credit, where credit is due. Yes, there have been some strange movie choices by the man in recent years. But you should bear in mind, that many of the recent roles, have been targeted at a family audience.

So the wise cracking, foul language spewing – Eddie from RAW, Delirious, 48 hours, Trading Places and Beverly Hills cop cannot surface.

In effect, the humour, then has to be diluted, but I think that Norbit still packs more laughs, than most movies.

I was actually laughing out loud for most of the movie and so were many others in the theatre. Before the PC brigade starts asking, which parts I laughed at, it was not at Rasputia’s appearance.

With many of Eddie’s films, the humour is not in the physical appearance of the characters (although people assume that’s the funny part), its more the delivery, wording and responses of the characters, that make the funniest moments.

I agree that Rasputia’s catchphrase of ‘how you doing’ was not funny, thats why i rated it as just a 9, but don’t let the negative comments, about obese humour, put you off the film. It is actually Rasputia’s character that does the majority of the bullying.

Everyone and everything in the film, is made fun of from: pug dogs, old Mr Wong, pimps, geeks, skinny people, large people, even turkeys!

So enjoy the film for what it is – a Comedy. It is not a conspiracy to attack the obese, it attacks the appearance and traits of everybody, so deal with it.

Instead of the focus on one subject, people should ask themselves one question? how many people have I made fun of today for whatever reason? (I have yet to meet a person, who has never, ever made fun of anyone!)

To all Eddie Murphy fans, this is the funniest movie, since Life was released.

To all the Eddie haters – go watch something which shows REAL problems e.g a news channel!

Norbit (2007)
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