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Equals (2015)

I rate this 9 out of 10 only because the sound quality leaves much to be desired. Parts of the movie are so subdued it’s difficult to understand what people are saying. I had to turn my video player to double volume just to hear the movie at low-standard volume. That cost it a point.

Other than that… without spoiling the plot, this is what Logan’s Run and THX-1138 should have been. No pointless, time-wasting action, no gratuitous nudity, just sheer human emotion, drama and situation.

The directing is excellent. The acting is superb. I am very critical when it comes to films but I couldn’t find a single conceptual or production flaw throughout (except for the aforementioned poor sound handling). This is an intriguing, fascinating story that leaves the viewer with mixed emotions. What would we prefer, a pristine, harm-free society in which emotion is subdued, or one full of emotion, beauty… and the pain brought about by those emotions?

This film both answers and refuses to answer that question. It presents a story, leaving us to determine which we would prefer. The story is well-crafted, has enough twist to surprise, and an ending that satisfies without preaching.

This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen in this genre. Yes, it is slow, has little or no action, no blood, gore, gratuitous sex or other things on which today’s society seems to thrive. In short– this is story telling, directing, acting and movie-making at its finest for those minds who are more interested in humanity than car chases.

Highly recommended.

Equals (2015)
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